About Annie

After a 15 year battle with Crohns Disease, I knew I had to make a change. I was dangerously thin because my body wasn't absorbing food. I had been on every drug therapy there was for Crohns and almost lost my life due to intestinal obstructions.  I ran out of options.  I turned to a holistic approach and learned quickly that the body knows how to heal when you give it the right tools.  I gave herbs a chance and Nature's Sunshine products proved to be the first thing to consistently work for me after 15 years of pain and surgeries.  I slowly regained my strength and had the energy to return to my workouts!

Since then my mission has been to empower others to take their health back too.  During the last seven years I earned the following certifications in an effort to help others more effectively:

Certified Herbal Consultant

Certified Flower Therapist

CPR/First Aid Certified

W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Authentic Essential Oil Specialist

Certified In.Form Lifestyle Coach

WrightFit Training is a private studio which gives one-on-one attention to you,

your workouts, and your lifestyle needs.  I offer a holistic approach to improving your health using personal training, herbal consults, educational classes, and aromatherapy.